02 September 2017

The Club had the following email in from the United States this week:

The feedback form on South Skye Camera Club was filled out with the following values:

Your Name: Amanda Lang
Your Telephone No:
Your Email Address: amanda@thecaliforniahikingpage.com


I've been volunteering at a Library for the past few weeks working as an "art teacher". We've been talking about photography lately and while doing some one-on-one research with one of the girls, Kara, we came across your fantastic page southskyecameraclub.orguk/resources.asp and we wanted to say thank you! You have some really helpful resources that not only help Kara, but also gives me information that I can share with our whole group. Thanks so much! :)

While doing our research, Kara found this resource: bestbuy.com/site/buying-guides/lens-buying-guide/pcmcat329300050006.c?id=pcmcat329300050006&type=category Since she wants to be a teacher one day, I thought if she shared information online it would give her more confidence in her decision, so we were wondering if you could possibly add the resource to your page. She would be so excited to see that her research is helpful others.

If there are any more resources you know, please pass them on!

02 August 2017Autumn Programme 2017

Good morning everyone

I just wanted to update you all on what's been happening since our last circulation 


Phil suggested one possible benefit of being a fully-paid-up member of SSCC would be to benefit from a discount at Ffordes. Consequently, I have had a lengthy email discussion with them and they are very keen to support 'local' camera clubs. They run a number of sessions during the year directed towards camera clubs as well as offering some discounts thus:


50% Off Sensor Cleaning – 24 hour service only.

15% Off New Hoya or Kenko Filters in Stock

10% Off New Bags in stock

10% Off Tamrac Lens Pouches

10% Off New Tripods in Stock

20% Off Ansmann Batteries

10% Off Optec Straps

10% Off Non Manufactor Cable Releases

However, they were at great lengths to point out that the system has been abused in the past and only club members with a membership card (with these offers printed on the reverse) will be eligible - which of course I consider is absolutely fair. I would imagine the 50% off 24 hour sensor cleaning may be popular - though all the other discounts are pretty useful. They did stress - no card, no discount! 


I have now confirmed three visiting speakers for the Autumn/Winter programme and have added them to our previous diary thus:


September 6

Themes For Sharing

September 20

RAW conversion

October 4

Professor Bob Ryan & Alison Ryan: Good to Great with Alison and Bob

October 18

Shots for Sharing

November 1

Guest Speaker: Nick Hanson

November 15

Members’ Presentations

November 29

Guest Speaker: Marcus Macadam

December 13

Shots for Sharing  - ‘Mystery shots’


The only person who requires a fee is Nick Hanson (£70.00) and we will need to pay Marcus travel expenses. Bob and Alison are not charging at all - though they hope to sell a few books. I think this is looking like a fabulous diary with plenty to interest and excite even the most jaded SSCC member! 




Need to start thinking about November 15th 'Members' Presentations' - this could include a couple of SQA Students showing their final projects? I think Phil has something - and Olenka too.  


Benefits of being a fully-paid up member: I will start to think about Membership Cards for the Ffordes discounts. We also have Olenka's art course (perhaps we could buy some of the materials required from SSCC funds?). I am happy to offer a longer term silver film sub group - which could feature my 'Shoot Landscapes Like Ansel Adams' course for free (again, some materials could be purchased through the SSCC funds). I have all the equipment required and will be purchasing an 8 X 10 camera in September via a Kickstarter initiative. Plus of course, we have the proposal which the majority of the committee are in favour of to drop the £1.00 session charge. 


Once I receive the names of those fully-paid up members from Martin, I can let Ffordes have a list - so they can still benefit from discounts before the cards are issued. 


Best wishes


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