04 November 2017Nick Danson Photography

Members enjoyed a great evening on 1st November with a talk and presentation by Nick Hanson, Skye-based landscape photographer, and winner of the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Award 2016.

Nick's presentation can be found at this link.

Nick's event was well received, and included three rounds of applause. This is what he wrote to Simon.

Hi Simon,

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and to get three rounds of applause must have meant that I did something right.

Please feel free to upload the PDF to your website and share with whomever.

For sure, if I am still here in a couple of years, I would definitely be interested in showing new work etc. Even if I am not working on the island, and can come up for some photography, I could always come along and do one then.

Thank you very much for your kind words on last night and the wedding, an exciting year ahead.

All the best,



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