02 August 2017Autumn Programme 2017

Good morning everyone

I just wanted to update you all on what's been happening since our last circulation 


Phil suggested one possible benefit of being a fully-paid-up member of SSCC would be to benefit from a discount at Ffordes. Consequently, I have had a lengthy email discussion with them and they are very keen to support 'local' camera clubs. They run a number of sessions during the year directed towards camera clubs as well as offering some discounts thus:


50% Off Sensor Cleaning – 24 hour service only.

15% Off New Hoya or Kenko Filters in Stock

10% Off New Bags in stock

10% Off Tamrac Lens Pouches

10% Off New Tripods in Stock

20% Off Ansmann Batteries

10% Off Optec Straps

10% Off Non Manufactor Cable Releases

However, they were at great lengths to point out that the system has been abused in the past and only club members with a membership card (with these offers printed on the reverse) will be eligible - which of course I consider is absolutely fair. I would imagine the 50% off 24 hour sensor cleaning may be popular - though all the other discounts are pretty useful. They did stress - no card, no discount! 


I have now confirmed three visiting speakers for the Autumn/Winter programme and have added them to our previous diary thus:


September 6

Themes For Sharing

September 20

RAW conversion

October 4

Professor Bob Ryan & Alison Ryan: Good to Great with Alison and Bob

October 18

Shots for Sharing

November 1

Guest Speaker: Nick Hanson

November 15

Members’ Presentations

November 29

Guest Speaker: Marcus Macadam

December 13

Shots for Sharing  - ‘Mystery shots’


The only person who requires a fee is Nick Hanson (£70.00) and we will need to pay Marcus travel expenses. Bob and Alison are not charging at all - though they hope to sell a few books. I think this is looking like a fabulous diary with plenty to interest and excite even the most jaded SSCC member! 




Need to start thinking about November 15th 'Members' Presentations' - this could include a couple of SQA Students showing their final projects? I think Phil has something - and Olenka too.  


Benefits of being a fully-paid up member: I will start to think about Membership Cards for the Ffordes discounts. We also have Olenka's art course (perhaps we could buy some of the materials required from SSCC funds?). I am happy to offer a longer term silver film sub group - which could feature my 'Shoot Landscapes Like Ansel Adams' course for free (again, some materials could be purchased through the SSCC funds). I have all the equipment required and will be purchasing an 8 X 10 camera in September via a Kickstarter initiative. Plus of course, we have the proposal which the majority of the committee are in favour of to drop the £1.00 session charge. 


Once I receive the names of those fully-paid up members from Martin, I can let Ffordes have a list - so they can still benefit from discounts before the cards are issued. 


Best wishes


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