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Name Game

We set members the task of taking photos to represent the letters of their names, with interesting results! Phil quite brilliantly understood the instructions in a different way and came up with an enjoyable alternative interpretation. Who knows where this might lead us next: pictorial crosswords?! Some brilliant and clever observation was used by everyone, and one or two admitted to quite a bit of "luck". (It's funny how cables will eventually fall the way you want them to if you try often enough :o)

We all enjoyed the results and had many good laughs along the way. This was a very good exercise in observing our surroundings and Rob found it so hard to stop, he ended up creating a couple of place names too! Well done everyone, superb efforts all round.

I hope everyone enjoyed doing this as much as seemed evident while we looked at the results. Apart from it allowing us to create unusual name-tags, it helps us to observe everything around us more closely. A strong element of photography is "seeing", as opposed to just "looking", and anything we can do to improve our ability in that area has to be worthwhile.

If you've enjoyed looking at these, don't stop there. Have a go at it. You may surprise yourself! 


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