Jim's SQA project


Awaiting inspection by the MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency) before work can commence at the Kishorn Yard. From the original shot the shadows were lightened and the highlights darkened – the oil drums are filled with concrete!
The results of 6 months at sea! The reinforcing to the side of the ferry makes an interesting arrangement.
Two of the Ferry crew applying undercoat to bare metal on the hull. The paint is a two-part mixture, with a working time of approximately 20 minutes and is expensive. Hence the concentrated look on the faces.
Applying anti-fouling paint. Just routine painting.
In the water and ready for painting the deck. A composition of colours and shapes. Rusting metal structures behind the ferry have been removed, the items on the deck (generator, compressor etc. are to be taken back to Glenelg).
The engine room. A flash and 10 mm lens was used in what is a very confined space. Some of the (white) burnt out sections were darkened, the shadows were lightened and highlights darkened.
Ready for the return to Glenelg. Taken at 6.30 am on a March morning, exposure 1.4 seconds. Two fish cages and metal structures removed from the background.
Passing the Stevenson Lighthouse at Kyle of Lochalsh. 8.30 am and raining! A rare sight of the ferry without fenders. Again, shadows lightened and highlights darkened.
In service, unloading at Kylerhea. What the ferry does best. Both slips in the shot, one rope-person chatting to a driver, the other to an interested foot passenger and the flag fully unfurled.
Approaching Glenelg at low tide. The red of the ferry and the approaching car compliment each other, the lines of the road and footpath giving interest to the composition.
The turntable in action at Kylerhea. Here the very low tide means the turntable can sometimes ground on the slip, when this does happen extra effort is needed to move it to its sailing position.
Just doing her job. The route taken between Glenelg and Kylerhea is dictated by the tide conditions and wind direction. Here the ferry is returning to Glenelg in mid afternoon, the wake leaving a graceful curve - and the sun is shining! A dinghy and buoy have been removed from the background.
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