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"DIY" Portraiture

The idea for the evening arose from a request that we try something with portraiture. Having already had a session using studio equipment, we felt it would be interesting and maybe helpful to have a go at this without using any specialist equipment. Most of us have any number of household light sources we can use, but we can also make use of some other household items: maybe dark curtains as a background; greaseproof paper or a thin white sheet to diffuse light; aluminium foil or a white sheet or card to reflect light. Without too much effort, we can create some interesting effects and avoid the expense of studio lighting. It just needs a little creative thinking and perhaps a wee nod to Heath Robinson.

Well, that was the idea. What we got was a thoroughly entertaining evening of music and song, an "attempted suicide", a "murder" (!!!), signs of our Treasurer losing his mind perhaps, creative lighting, "selfies", and just plain good fun. As we'll see below, most members seem to have gone over to the dark side. 

Special thanks to Sonia and Angus for their entertainment and patience while posing, to Martin for being a willing subject, and to Louise for being a willing victim!


Here are a few images from the evening and with any luck there's more to come...

Disclaimer: SSCC would like to make it known that no members were harmed in the making of this gallery. A bit disturbed perhaps...  


Later in the season we'll have another "DIY" session, this time for Still Life. Or will it be Still Death?!

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